April 2015

The third & final S3IHL Tournament 2014/2015 was successfully hosted at Edinburgh’s Jack Kane Centre on Saturday 25th April 2015. Six teams took part in the tournament, with Edinburgh dropping a team (the B side), and Aberdeen Zombies returning after missing out the second tournament. As usual, Emily Ross took charge with help from Kay Findlay in running the day. Things went smoothly, prizes were given, and people were generally pleased with the day’s hockey. With around 6 or so students missing because the tournament was held in the start of exam season, the B side was consolidated into the other two Edinburgh teams (Edinburgh University A and the alumni Edinburgh Ramparts).

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First up, as usual, the host teams started the day with a 10am “friendly” between the two Edinburgh sides. Despite a strong start, Edinburgh University A was unable to break down the Ramparts squad. Despite having chunks of possession, they tailed off in the end and allowed several attacks by the Ramparts side, but Matias Maalmivaara (ED/A) held them in check. Jeff Wilcox broke the deadlock at 9:55, with a deflected shot off a Ramparts defender for a 1-0 victory.

In game 4, ED/A drew 1-1 with Glasgow B. Despite taking an early lead through Jeff Wilcox, the uni side couldn’t break through a rugged defense. Having played the hero, Wilcox conceded a tripping penalty with 1:47 remaining, which was duly converted by a triple deke by Scott Gibb (GL/B)/ Edinburgh University A then lost heavily to a full Glasgow A squad (0-6), then 1-2 to a Dundee Dynamite side. Sam Harris scored at 13:53 to put the game within one goal, but ED/A were unable to tie the game. Needing a victory in their final group game, the team then struggled to beat the Aberdeen Zombies. Aberdeen’s Chris Martinez tied the game at 12:34 until German Moshes (ED/A) got the game winner at 13:19.

For the Ramparts side, they found their stride in the 6-2 win over the zombies in game 6. Simon Alexander scored 2-2-4, Nick Paterson got 2 great goals, and the score was rounded out by Stephen Dowell (1), & Gregor Berry (1). Despite playing well, the Ramparts lost 3-4 to the Dundee Dynamite in game 8. Mike Alexander (ED/R) scored at 4:18, then Stephen Dowell got 2 goals, although the last at 13:20 didn’t give enough time to tie the game. Later on, the Ramparts beat Glasgow B 4-2. Barry McVey’s (GL/B) goal at 5:06 tied the game at 2-2 and the win was unlikely. A scrappy game tested patiences, but the Alexanders capped off 2 great, solo goals to win it. Nick Paterson had two penalty shots, but was unable to convert either. The final game against Glasgow A was heavily likely to be repeated in the semifinals, so the Ramparts took their foot off the gas and lost 1-7 to Glasgow A. Stephen Dowell scored at 11:07.

Both Edinburgh teams made it through to the semis. Despite losing a goal in 26 seconds, the Ramparts held their own against a Glasgow A team looking forward to the final. Ross Coubrough (GL/A) scored two goals, and the Ramparts played very well defensively in spite of getting shut out. Edinburgh University A lost out to eventual winners Dundee Dynamite in a match that had 10 goals. ED/A scored 4, compared to the mere 5 they had in the 5 group games. They came within one goal at 2-3, with goals from Joe Anderson and German Moshes. German scored again at 12:20, and Anderson got his second 28 seconds later.

It was a good, eventful day. Both Edinburgh teams were be pleased to make the semifinals despite not having full squads.


March 2015


During the weekend 15th/16th March 2015, Edinburgh University sent down a team to Love Hockey Ireland’s (LHI) inaugural St. Patricks Classic Tournament in Portadown, Ireland. Teams from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France competed to take home the gold. Our team included  university and alumni players: Joe Anderson, Peter Frew, Neil Redford, Jeff Wilcox, Steven Mallon, Gregor Berry, Stephen Dowell and Tim Russett.

The tour was very successful – Edinburgh finished 5th of 12 teams, winning 7 of their 11 games.

Stats for the tournament:

Joe Anderson F 11 10 8 18 0
Jeff Wilcox F 11 6 11 17 14
Stephen Dowell F 11 5 9 14 0
Neil Redford F 11 9 2 11 16
Peter Frew F 11 9 1 10 0
Steven Mallon F 11 4 4 8 6
Gregor Berry F 11 2 4 6 0
Tim Russett G 5 0 0 0 0

February 2015

It’s been an exciting semester for the Roller Hockey club. We kicked off the New Year with our second S3IHL tournament, hosting visiting teams from Glasgow and Dundee. Edinburgh A skated their way to victory, winning all seven of their games, beating Dundee 5-1 in a thrilling final. The tournament also saw a couple of alumni members pull themselves out of retirement to join the ranks of the Edinburgh Ramparts, whose highlight match culminated in a 7-0 victory over Edinburgh B.

ATeamNext month the club is looking forward to an international tournament in Ireland, where 12 teams from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and France will compete to take home the gold. The club is sending in a combined team involving a joint effort between university and alumni players. With some opposition teams playing at a semi-professional level, this will likely be some of the toughest competition our players have faced before. However, no doubt our lads will put up their best performance and more importantly, this will be a memorable experience for all involved.